Rich menus are prepared to perfection to satisfy your wishes and imagination and to make a wonderful memory of your event. The menus follow your preference and budget and include traditional cuisine, exotic canapes, seafood, modern cocktail hors d’oeuvres, special combinations for private and business dinners, children’s menus, sandwiches, salads, menus for special occasions (film catering, meals for companies, etc)


Dalma Box-Lunch are flexible packages that can contain drink (water, juice, alcoholic drinks or coffee), desert (a candy bar or home-made sweets), fruit, main meal (sandwich or cooked meal). Depending on the occasion and the nature of the event, those meals can be modified into lenten, vegan, gluten-free food etc.
The food is packed into individual packaging (take-away), following all regulations for food protection. Each is marked with a declaration label stating all information on the product, such as production, expiry date, allergens and ingredients. The package includes single-use utensils which are hermetically sealed for full protection and food safety.

A custom-fit menu which meets your need is also an option.



Create a menu according to your preference and budget

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